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Welcome to Heartland!

Just beyond the great rainbow, in a valley nestled in lush rolling hills is the  peaceful village, HeartLand... a place where dreams come true and love always lights the way.  In our enchanted world, amazing, magical things happen every day.  HeartLand is just an itty bitty town, but it’s full of life, love and enchanting songs.  It’s where friendships are forever and your heart always leads the way.  

Meet the itty bitty HeartBeats

ibhb cast.png

Hello there!  Welcome to our magical world, HeartLand, where CoolHeart, his sister SweetHeart, and their little brother BabyHeart are always up for an adventure and always willing to  “do things from the heart.” Their friends, KookyHeart, GiggleHeart, HeartAche and DreamyHeart are always there to share in the fun and WiseHeart, PapaHeart and MamaHeart are there to guide them with a gentle and loving hand. The itty bitty HeartBeats love to sing and play and each week they discover new ways to do things from the heart. Click on their pictures to learn more. 

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